FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What age range is the Adventure Bus geared to?
The activities on the Bus are best suited to children approximately 2 to 11 years of age, Preschool to Grade 3. Parent and Tot programs are available for children walking age (approximately 1 year) and up. We have also received great feedback from participants up to 14 years of age!

How many children can be on the Adventure Bus at one time?
The Bus can comfortably accommodate up to approximately 15 children at one time. Larger groups can be divided into smaller groupings. Most typical preschool and school classes are divided into two separate groups.

Does the Adventure Bus operate year round?
Absolutely! The Adventure Bus is equipped to run comfortably, all year round with a generator and several heating and air conditioning units.

When does the Adventure Bus operate?
The Adventure Bus operates seven days a week between the hours of approximately 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Does the Adventure Bus take participants anywhere?
Classes occur inside the Adventure Bus and no transportation of participants is involved. Everything required for field trips, classes or special events is inside the Adventure Bus. Occasionally, weather and space permitting, we do bring some activities outside of the Bus. The Bus does not have to take you anywhere since we bring the fun directly to you!

How on earth can you fit activity classes on a bus?
In it’s former capacity, the Adventure Bus was a 72-passenger school bus. With the seats removed, it is surprisingly roomy! People are always pleasantly surprised at how much space the Bus actually provides. It is a child-friendly space, designed especially for them!

What type of equipment is on the Adventure Bus?
The Bus is filled with a large variety of fun gym equipment and accessories including but not limited to: zipline, monkey bars, slides, rock climbing wall, mini-trampoline, rings, climbing rope, balance beam, tunnels, mats, wedges, steps, cylinders, shapes, hoops, parachutes, bouncers, wobble boards, ribbons, scarves, lummi sticks, balls, bean bags, etc… Most of the equipment is on the Bus at any given time but we also change out items for variety.

What should participants wear on the Adventure Bus?  
Comfortable play clothes are best. Socks or bare feet are both acceptable. That being said, the Adventure Bus Staff are skilled at adapting activities for costumes, dresses, etc! Nametags are always appreciated but not necessary. Nametags are provided at the beginning weekly class sessions.

Are there any washroom facilities on the Bus?
No, there are no washroom facilities inside the Bus – this leaves more room to play! Please ensure that children have had recent washroom breaks, prior to boarding the Bus.

Where does the Bus park? 
The Adventure Bus is just under forty feet in length and requires approximately fifty feet of relatively level space in which to park. The Bus will not park on busy thoroughfares. The Bus will typically park on quiet residential streets, in front of your home (school, park, church, etc.), in parking lots or, if large enough, on your driveway. Hosts typically reserve space for the bus by parking their own cars in that space or by marking off the area with cones, chairs, large plastic toys, etc. In tighter spaces, we recommend that you discuss the Bus’ visit with your neighbours to ensure pleasant interactions.

When will the Bus arrive? 
The Bus will arrive approximately 10-15 minutes before the activities are scheduled to start.  Upon arrival, staff members will greet you, answer any questions and set up the bus. For safety’s sake, please do not have the children rush out to the Bus immediately after it arrives or as it is being parked. Please note that the Bus does require some set up prior to the children boarding.

Where do the children take off their footwear and/or coats?
In the warmer months, children will usually take off their shoes and/or coats and place them into bins, outside of the Bus, prior to boarding. In the winter or in the case of inclement weather or conditions, the children will board the Bus and remove coats and footwear inside on a special matted surface, which is moved prior to activity.

Are adults allowed on the bus? 
We have an “open bus” policy. Parents are welcome at the front of the bus at any given time.  We ask that they remain at the front of the bus unless special circumstances need to be considered.  It may be appropriate for parents to accompany a younger child inside the Bus. It is not necessary for any adults to remain on the Bus, if they prefer not to do so.  Many times they take the opportunity to socialize with other adult guests.  Outdoor footwear must be removed prior to entering the activity area. The Paparazzi is welcome! Parents/Teachers are invited to capture photos and/or video of their children during the parties/classes.

Are there any Instructors on the Adventure Bus or do parents/teachers need to supervise the activities?
All of the activities on the Bus are led and supervised by Adventure Bus instructors. Most classes and field trips are led by two instructors. Special Events generally require two to four instructors, depending on the format.

Can we have birthday cake and/or snacks on the Bus?
No food or drinks, besides water, are permitted on the Bus. Children may bring water bottles (metal or plastic), filled only with water, to class. Please ensure that names are clearly marked on each water bottle. Water bottles must remain at the front of the Bus.

When do we pay the balance for parties/special events?
After the Party or Special Event we will collect the remaining balance.
Gratuity is at your discretion.