Classes / Camps

Kids look forward to “Adventure Bus Day” each week!

Adventure Bus offers weekly classes in a variety of formats.
Allow us to design a program that suits the needs of your school or group.

Weekly classes follow a structured curriculum, based upon participant age and ability levels. Children are introduced to basic movement and locomotor patterns in a fun, motivating environment that changes from week to week. Learning and skill development is progressive with each lesson building upon the previous.

Adventure Bus provides weekly classes for:

Home School Groups
Day homes

Classes are typically 30 – 60 minutes in length but may be customized.

Sessions running for eight or more consecutive weeks meet the criteria for the Canada Child Fitness Tax Credit.
Some Schools or Daycare Facilities may choose to include the program in course fees while others will have the parents pay individually.  

By bringing the Adventure Bus directly to your location, ( during the day ), we give each child the opportunity to participate in an excellent fitness program that doesn't infringe on precious evening hours.

Subject to custom pricing, please contact us for more information.

The Summer Program that comes to you!  

Bring Adventure Bus right to your Daycare or Neighbourhood!  

Subject to custom pricing, please contact us for more information.